Behavioral Economics by Florian Willet

This app has not continuously been updated, due to focus on other projects. With a certain generations of the operating system softwares it stopped to function.

Behavioral Economics by Florian Willet

“Behavioral Economics by Florian Willet” shines light onto why people behave reasonably and unreasonably in decisive economic situations. All from a behavioral science point of view.

The tone used in the app is a mixture of relaxed and academic language. In a “popular” scientific way!

How do selective perception, impatience, and an exaggerated opinion of myself affect my ability to make judgments?
How does that express itself in the way I think, feel, and act?

What effects distort the basis for my making decisions and what errors of judgment do I make?

This app has not just been designed for economists and the business world.
These days, scientists of all disciplines make use of knowledge dealing with irrational human behavior.
But, then again, this app has not just been designed for scientists.

Those of you who would like to find out why we do not like to question past decisions, even if they appear unreasonable, or why we tend to bend the truth if reality appears too painful, will feel quite at home with this app.

Those of you who like to fill out those psychological tests in popular men’s and women’s magazines will encounter just as many interesting answers and explanations in this app as those who explain life in terms of serious psychology.

Those of you who find the stock market and stock trading fun and are also interested in “Behavioral Finance” or “Neuroeconomics” will feel completely at home with this app.