Beyond the ‘Veil’

Beyond morality and criminality –
a natural science
legal ‘Theory of Justice’ set against the
‘Veil’ of reference-path-independency

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Those who read this book may experience a complete collapse of their previous image of humanity.

The title is a reference to Friedrich Nietzsche and John Rawls with their works “Beyond Good and Evil” and “A Theory of Justice” – in which the concept of the “Veil of Ignorance” was submitted.

Jurisprudence-, economics-, evolution-, biology-, psychology- and philosophy- enthusiasts alike will get their expenses worth.

Fair Selection – Same Exam – Climb That Tree!

Also “law” can be explored as an evolutionary and cognitive phenomenon.

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For the time being the sections “Beyond the ’Veil’”, “Unbrainwash” and “Anti-Helicopter” Parenting are no further elaborated in the English version of the website!

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Henry David Thoreau Quote