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Subsequent a personal overview of my favored restaurants and chefs:

In my experience the best chefs in the world, excluding Germany:

In my experience the best restaurants in Germany:

Five restaurants after my personal taste, in selected cities:









I have a particular weakness for Japanese and Italian food. Those looking for good Japanese food in Germany unfortunately have to search with a magnifying glass. Overall the best offer is in Düsseldorf.

For those who are looking for Italian food, it is vice versa, because the range of offers is so vast, that it is almost impossible to identify quality. The most Italian restaurants of high and highest levels are in München. To be mentioned deserve:

To identify the best Italian Ice Cream is very difficult because of the quantity of providers:

The best ice cream in Germany I had at the

The best ice cream in Italy I had at the

The best ice cream in Europe I had at the

The best ice cream in the world I had at the

Worldwide noteworthy is also:

In Europe noteworthy is also:

In Germany noteworthy is also: