The passion that I have lived out in football, is an absolutely noteworthy episode in my life. Its piriod lasted for fifteen years. When it started, I was eight years old.
Meanwhile, football plays almost no really important role in my life any more. The extremely high luck factor in football seems hardly tolerable for a scientist to enjoy it. And many of the brute emotions that are activated by it are not acceptable for an intelligent person regarding its own behaviour. However, I have learned a lot through football, about humans, about societies, about emotions, about ecology, about economics, about mathematics. With football, I have experienced great adventures .

“Karlsruher Sport-Club Muehlburg-Phoenix e.V.” is the team of my heart.
With it I have watched about two hundred matches live in stadiums. For it, I have travelled tens of thousands of kilometers.

In Germany, I probably have visited around one hundred stadiums. In England around forty, in France around ten, five in Italy, five in Spain, and several ones in Scotland, Slovakia, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Brazil.
Unfortunately, I have not accompanied the KSC to its matches in Poland, Latvia and Russia. I have also failed to watch matches live in stadiums of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Also in Africa and Asia, I have never been inside of stadiums.

Besides all the matches of my Karlsruher SC, my most remarkable football experiences were explosive derbies: Betis Sevilla against FC Sevilla, FC Sevilla against Betis Sevilla, AC Milan against Inter Milan, West Ham United against FC Millwall, Kickers Offenbach against Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Metz against Racing Strasbourg and the less controversial Derbies Liverpool FC against Everton FC, Arsenal FC against Chelsea FC and FC Basel against Racing Strasbourg.
Also very interesting were the matches SSC Napoli against Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona against Real Madrid.
Unforgettable remains also my visit to the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

But my greatest experience of all in a football stadium was the 7:0 between Karlsruher SC and CF Valencia on 2nd November 1993, a semi-final of the UEFA-Cup.

With one eye I still observe what is happening in the international football scene. We can chat about it at any time. But better no one should ask me what I think about how a match is going to end. Otherwise I will fall into a two-hour lecture on probability calculus.