(This page gets very rarely updated, due to its unimportance.)

Near and far countries are a subject, about which I am always an eager dialog partner. By now I have travelled to about seventy nations:

  • I appreciate Norway for its beautiful nature. Perhaps it is the most beautiful country in the world.
  • I cherish Italy for its fantastic food and ice cream.
  • The Netherlands have always impressed me with the open mindedness and the nonchalance of their people. Actually this should everywhere be normal, I opine. But unfortunately it is not.
  • With France I have a special, in a way erotic relationship. The French culture has a special place in my heart.
  • Chile fascinates me with its diversity. It stretches nearly from the equator, to almost the Arctic Circle. I also have eaten very well in that country quite often.
  • I like New Zealand for the many young, adventurous and educated people who travel there as backpackers.
  • Of course The United States is in many ways an impressive country. I have traveled it extensively.
  • Russia has a specific romantic ambience. Its language is beautiful and its people are interesting.
  • In Algeria, I have spent a certain part of my childhood.
  • Countries like Estonia and the Czech Republic I value for their unwavering atheism as well for the most beautiful women in the world.

Maybe we will meet in Japan soon. I have never been there. I really want to explore it.