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Doctor Ph.D.;
Doctoral thesis about
“Beyond Morality and Criminality –
a natural science legal ‘Theory of Justice’
set against the
‘Veil’ of reference-path-indipendency”,

Doctor of Economics;
Doctoral thesis about
“The Social Swan hypothesis –
where Kahneman, Taleb and Darwin meet Marx”,
with Prof. Dr. Birger Priddat,
University of Witten and Herdecke.

Master of Laws;
Master thesis about
“A Complex Adaptive Systems Approach to Law and Economics –
for a Radical Orientation of the Discipline toward
Evolutionary Game Theory and Neurocognitive Ecology”,
with Prof. Avishalom Tor, S.J.D. (Harvard),
Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Gent University, University of Haifa.

Master of Business Administration;
Master thesis about
“Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance”,
with Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Lohmann,
Dresden International University.

Master of Arts in
Communication Psychology and Communication Management;

Master thesis about
“Neuroeconomics and Cognitive Economics”,
with Prof. Dr. Thomas Koehler,
Dresden International University.

Bachelor of Laws (German Diplom);
Diploma thesis about
“The Significance of cultural, social and religious factors
in the employee structure, for efficient entrepreneurship in India”,
with Prof. Dr. Gisbert Goering-Lensing-Hebben,
University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld.