Men Counseling
(as well as Mothers of Boys)

For most men it is a fact that since their earliest childhood they were raised by women.

Women sit at the control levers of morality indoctrination of children. This is their territory. They are the first who can fill children unwashed brains with their handwriting.

The personality and character development of men begins here.
Thus, women occupy the greatest power positions of societies in their hands.

Many men have “learned” early that female feelings and female priorities are “good” in a normative sense and male tend to be “bad” – female teachers rarely teach the opposite.

Male feelings are “evil” – many guys get traumatized by this weltanschauung.

For adult men it is often a “revelation” when they get their eyes opened about the “true” nature of women and when their past conditioning gets debunked as “misandristic” and subject to female egocentrism.

Afterwards they take many female sensitivities no longer noteworthy serious. This may not only be disburdening, but also gentle to their cardiovascular health as well as life prolonging.

So let us talk about it:
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