Women Counseling

For women who wonder about male behavior, it can regularly be stated that they have not yet understood their own behavior, their own emotions and the mechanisms by which their own thoughts are filled with content.

Male behavior is usually a mere response to female behavior.
For men, it is always all about women.
Without women, without sex, without love and without romance, they cannot live.

Women can. They do not want it and find it a pity if they must, but they can. Their life is not totally dependent on men.

The understanding of men must always precede the understanding of women.
This also applies to women.

It is worth noting that once a woman is to bear a son, she suddenly is much better able to look at the world from a male perspective because at once she looks at it through the eyes of her son. Finally, she wants her son to be happy.

Women who still ponder over men, can be helped:
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