Managerial Contemplation

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Alan Ashley Pitt Quote: The man who follows the crowd

Self-reflection is not psychotherapy!

Therapeutic talks and “work-ups” should have the effect to structure memories of experiences after a period of time has elapsed so that nature and intensity of their influence on life since then can be recapitulated and filed.
If upsetting thoughts were once formulated with such an exhaustive precision that further reflection brings no knowledge any more, then “the mind” can come to rest. One then might have talked a burden off his “soul”. Or written – if a diary was used.

Contemplative conversations have a different character.

Good ideas need inspiration.
The greatest source of inspiration is other people.

Other people are also the ones whose perspective can serve as a reference to occasionally question own values ​​or to navigate to some self-knowledge.

Dialogues can let thoughts pop up which to think once one could not have guessed before.

Multi-layered conversations require complex interlocutors.

Albert Einstein Quote

The more intelligent, educated, experienced and cultivated, but also sensitive an interlocutor is, the wider the spectrum may be, that will be talked about.

The more eccentric and unconventional an interlocutor is, the more independent, as well as the less his thinking and behavior moves along in a herd, the less he takes a mince word when it comes to truth, the less he generally aims to be liked and the less he tends to avoid supposedly embarrassing, politically incorrect or morality relativizing topics, the more likely there is a real opportunity to suggest that a dialogue with him lifts ones head, rolls up ones thoughts once completely and turns ones value systems inside out, on which so far no doubt had any chance to entangle.

To throw a few decided opinions on his head and see what he makes out of them, what ideas he might get, what he says, what he throws back, what he relativizes or reinforces as the case may be, could already bring along the effect that some unexplored intellectual corridors in ones thinking open up, which can keep the mind busy for months in a positive sense and may also lead to sustainable expansions of horizons and a rebalancing of priorities.

Also, and perhaps especially, but not only, when there are biographical turning points on the horizon.

“Think outside the box”!
Or speak with an unconventional intellectual who has never done anything else:
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