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George Carlin Quote

Two persons are compared.
One is intelligent, but not very educated.
The other is educated, but not very intelligent.

Both remain in the same place, but travel together two thousand years past in a time machine.
The educated person will hardly be able to use and apply some of their knowledge from the twentieth or twentyfirst century.
The intelligent person will have an immediate benefit from her intelligence.

Two other persons are compared.
One is extensively knowledgeable in “humanities”, but understands little of mathematics and natural science.
The other is comprehensively proficient in mathematics and natural science, but never appreciably has gotten in touch with literature or arts.

Both remain in the same time, but travel together twenty thousand kilometers around the earth in an airplane.
Whether the “humanist” will everywhere find opportunities to argue about Edgar Poe, Victor Hugo and Ephraim Lessing, is questionable.
The “natural scientists” will find, that the “Pythagorean theorem” is known there.

Albert Einstein Quote

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Henry David Thoreau Quote

And he invented Man …